Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Le Louvre - A ghost on Collins St.

This fantastic 3 storey building at No. 74 Collins Street for many years housed one of the most glamorous salons of style and mode that Melbourne has known, the iconic and chic Le Louvre.  From 1934 until 2010 this address was the passport to international elegance.  With its guilt fittings and furniture, mirrored walls and liberal swathes of Ocelot print, it was beguiling and a touch risqué.
While the business still exists and thrives at a new location in South Yarra, No 74 was given over to a fashion chainstore for the past few years.  Now on the eve of a major redevelopment for the site, the spirit of its past has been re-imagined to serve as a sales and marketing suite.

The New may be coming, but the past glamour will linger here at
"the Paris end of Collins Street".

Thank you Lillian Wightman.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Coco n' Stella X Rennie.

As snapped by the late, great Rennie Ellis.  
Coco & Stella at Mardi Gras 1994.

This image appears in the latest book from the estate of Rennie titled

A fantastic exhibition of his work has just opened at the Monash Gallery of Art.  
"The Rennie Ellis Show" will run until June 8th 2014 and then tour nationally at selected galleries.  
 Rennie chronicles life and society in Australia from the 1960's until his untimely death in 2003.  Truly worth the visit to see how we were.


Monday, 7 April 2014

Dining @ Kamel.

Another of our favourite dining haunts in genteel Albert Park is Kamel.  A wonderful Middle Eastern/North African spice fare for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner has satisfied the local gentle folk and nomadic foodie fossickers alike for many a year.  Wether you choose to dine in the colourful kaleidoscopic interior or grab a perch at one of the kerbside tables to watch the #1 tram trundle by, its always a satisfying experience.

Pay a visit to Nigel & Mindy at Kamel,

Have a Kamel, don't have a cow.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Happy St Kilda.

The Pharrell "Happy" phenomenon has hit beautiful bayside
St Kilda, home to Nic-nak Castle.  If you take a close look at around the 2.52 minute mark you'll spy Mr Brown rocking it out in his studio in fully Westwood attire.

Enjoy being Happy in St Kilda.


Monday, 31 March 2014


Everything was coming up spots, stripes, squiggles and more for the event that was Patternation.  This riotous event that closed out the 2014 Melbourne Fashion Festival took a survey from the busy print pattern proud designers of the 1980's through to the current multi motif mad new kids of today.  Curated by Lia Tabrah of O.T.T by Lia T fabulousness, it was a veritable who's who of patterning pundits, Ken Done, Linda Jackson, Sara Thorn, Gavin Brown, Kara Baker, Linda Searle, Jenny Bannister and on and on.  Turning up the fun stakes was a Friday evening launch that saw a cavalcade of carnival colour competing amongst the appreciative, visually overloaded crowd, hell bent on a break from monotone blandness.

Unfortunately its a short season and the fun finishes at 5pm on Tuesday 1st April.
If you can, give it a go at