Saturday, 1 August 2015

Shopping Safari's in Manila.

On our search for fantastic objects we've been all over Manilla, the oasis that is Green Belt is a wonderful collection of five shopping areas around beautifully landscaped strip.  The best finds however are in the back streets and bustling thoroughfares that are not so picturesque and serene, but its always about the hunt.

Many finds and much more to come we hope. Love these two urns but they are a tad too big for Carry On Luggage. But where there's a will there is a way...


Manila Moments #3

Downtown Makati, Manila.  Cool mural floating by.


Clocking on in Manila.

We have taken the Castle on a road trip to the Philippines, hitting Luzon for a bit of a renovation rescue mission of sorts.  It has been a hot, busy brilliant week of crazy Manila traffic, thanks Ed the driver for getting us here and there, with meetings and sourcing trips. 

A couple of lunch or two.

Some more traffic.

Another lunch by the Pool Bar, but no swimming.

Still a long way to go with presentation next week.
"Just make it work"